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As far as possible, provide the following information:

DESCRIPTION A free text, unstandardized description of the content(s) of the resource without any limits concerning size, terminology. In full sentences and well formulated; not a list of keywords! If this text is taken over from secondary literature or the web, etc., the references have to be given. 

Every source has to be described by giving information on

  • date or timespan,
  • author or creator,
  • origin,
  • location where the source is kept, including shelfmark, inv. nr., etc.
  • editions, most important secondary literature.
  • If the source is a text it should be offered in its original language and in English translation

The animals that are occurring in any kind of textual source should be marked by boldfaced letters to make them easily detectable. 

Contact information concerning the (copyright) owner of the source has to be given.

The author of the entry is asked to identify herself/himself by name, institution and email.