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Before you start with the first data entry, please contact for the user account. Data input should be done by registered contributors only.

How to create a single entry for a source document in the animalwiki?

Step one: Log in with your personal user name and password.

Step two:

Choose a title for your entry or a corpus of your entries (e.g.,  "Cats in letters", "Cattle trade", "Removing lice from one's hair") and write it into the search field.

If this title doesn't yet exist you are asked to create a new page that automatically gets this title.

If this title already exists you can open the page and continue the entry with new data.

Step three:

Enter your text. When doing it the first time please read the general MediaWiki guide and our recomendations

For text formats use the "rich editor" or insert the formatting characters. (Changes  between the "rich editor" and the standard editor can be done at the left upper corner of the screen).

Step four:

Save your entry ("save page" button at the bottom of the page).


Click at the "sources" button on the navigation-bar and navigate to the type of source you have information about.

Choose the region and period for the piece of information you want to document and click on the field at the table

If it is the first document in this group, a new window will open. Give the source piece a short title and put it in [[]]

eg. Xyz and click on the save button. After saving this, the title appears in red letters - which indicates a link to a new document which is empty.

Click on the title of your new document - an empty editor field opens.

Embedding images

Allowed image formats are: jpg png gif

Upload is possible for registered users only. Click on the Upload file button in the toolbox.

Images which the contributor has personally made or gotten from a colleague or licensed as public domain can be uploaded directly.

If an image is under copyright, the contributor must ask for permission to have the image used for animalwiki. If required the editors of animalwiki will request copyright permission directly (but the contributor must provide all the relevant owner information).