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  • Project Duration : 2008 - 2010
  • Head of the Project : Thomas Kühtreiber, Ingrid Matschinegg
  • Project Assistants : Josef Handzel (Inventories), Gabriele Schichta (Literary Sources), Christina Schmid (Archaeological Small Finds), Jasmine Wagner (Stove Tiles)


Spacial Order of Late and Early modern Objects

RaumOrdnungen is a product of the DOC team research project of the same name, which was part of the main research project "Domesticated Space" at IMAREAL from 2008 to 2010. It currently contains information on 13768 objects from archaeological, historical and literary sources related to late medieval aristocratic residences. Extensions and corrections have been or will be included in follow-up projects.

A digital network of people, things and places

The IMAREAL database relates objects from the late Middle Ages and early modern times to spaces, people and actions. This allows new insights into relationships between people and objects, but also between different objects (e.g. ensembles). From an archaeological point of view, small finds from castles and stove tiles from archaeological and museum collections were recorded. The written-historical source holdings primarily comprise inventories of estates and manors of the 15th to early 17th centuries from the Danube and Eastern Alps.

Three query options are available:

Three query options are available:

• The quick-search allows a rapid search of the database for individual search terms.

• Advanced Search allows you to filter data according to your interests and refine search queries.

• The Thesaurus search shows all entries available under the categories “Room", “Object", “City" and “Person" and enables a search for superordinate categories.

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