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Our Research Approaches

In our research projects, we engage in interdisciplinary discussions about the objects. We take a perspective that allows us to look at things in different ways: The research perspective does not describe what is looked at, but the direction in which we look at research objects.

Object Links

The Object Links research approach does not analyse the objects themselves, but the links between the objects and between objects and people. read more


The Materialities research approach addresses material culture with an increased focus on materials as matter from which artefacts are made. read more

Digital Humanities

At the IMAREAL, we use the potentials of digitisation for research and teaching in cultural studies. read more

Sensing Materiality and Virtuality

In the research perspective Sensing Materiality and Virtuality we investigate, primarily focusing on the German-language afterlife journeys of the High and Late Middle Ages, the thought form of the virtual and its interaction with the materiality and sensuality of the body and world. read more

Our Research Projects