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The Virtual Altarpiece


  • Project Duration : 2006
  • Project Leader : Elisabeth Vavra, Ingrid Matschinegg

The Virtual Altarpiece

An eLearning Ressource

The aim of the project "The Virtual Altar" was to bring the pictorial world of the Middle Ages into contemporary classrooms. Just as at the beginning of the age of printing culture, at the end of the book age there is a versatile, multimedia use of media that affects and changes central areas of knowledge transfer.

The starting point of this eLearning application from 2006, in which HAK Krems and the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences (Department of Web Technology) participated in cooperation with IMAREAL, is an altar piece from the Late Middle Ages. This object is almost an ideal object for the effective use of image media in the past. The implementation was concretized using the altar piece of the Michael Pacher from St. Wolfgang in Upper Austria.

Image Processing:
Peter Böttcher, IMAREAL

Cooperated School Partnership:

Barbara Aichinger, Comercial Academy Krems

Database and Webdesign:
University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. Christian Bader, Christoph Lang-Muhr, Birgit Mandl, Horst Mayer, Christoph Windl

Target groups of the “Virtual Altar" are students of the AHS and BHS, who deal with the image contents of the medieval world. The entire image stock of the altar piece is shown in its three views (Weekday, Sunday and Holiday view). The image retrieval in the application is accompanied by a socio-historically oriented interpretation that aims to provide an insight into the late medieval pictorial worlds. With the multiple-choice test, the pupils can finally check themselves. It takes about 50 minutes to record the extent of the test.