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Foto: Luigi Caputo

Social Approaching

Foto: Luigi Caputo

taught by IMAREAL-staff

Summerterm Courses 2021

Photo: Martin Heider

CfP Conference - Potentials of New Approaches in Research
on Image & Text in the Premodern Era

Transmedial - Digital?

New Date - Framing-Deframing-Reframing

Ways, mechanisms and strategies of cultural adoption
in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
International Conference in Krems, September 15-17, 2021

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The 5th issue of MEMO celebrates the 50th anniversary of the

Institue of Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture (1969-2019).

MEMO 5 is online!

Volume 1 of the Series formate -

Forschungen zur materiellen Kultur

Out now:

Object links - Dinge in Beziehung


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Our Research Approaches

In our research projects, we engage in interdisciplinary discussions about the objects. We take a perspective that allows us to look at things in different ways: The research perspective does not describe what is looked at, but the direction in which we look at research objects.

Object Links

The Object Links research approach does not analyse the objects themselves, but the links between the objects and between objects and people. read more


The Materialities research approach addresses material culture with an increased focus on materials as matter from which artefacts are made. read more

Digital Humanities

At the IMAREAL, we use the potentials of digitisation for research and teaching in cultural studies. read more

Focus on Things

As a cultural studies research institute we focus on subjects of material culture addressing the manifold interactions between people and the material world in a historical perspective (12th to 17th century).

Grasping the Meaning of Things

Grasping the Meaning of Things

We focus on things, their contexts, and the practices in which they participate.

Seizing Materiality

Seizing Materiality

Dealing with materials reveals their properties. We study the knowledge about materials that was stored by choosing, symbolising and working on them.

Practising Interdisciplinarity

Practising Interdisciplinarity

Our research involves many disciplines connecting the different perspectives and methods from archaeology, German studies, historical science and art history.

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Material Objects

of Noble Memory

Breadcrumbs for the Poor?

From house to farmyard

Furniture on visual media

of the Middle Ages

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